Sheila Rendell: Fused Glass

Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

I studied Art & Design at Somerset College of Art & Technology, before attending Huddersfield University for a Bsc in Textile Design, my textiles background relating very well in terms of working with glass and experimenting with different techniques.

My glass has been exhibited during Somerset Arts Week as well as local galleries. I originally started working with glass in 2001, and mainly producing Stained Glass.

After seeing some fused glass while on a trip and feeling totally inspired, I bought a small kiln and began to teach myself glass fusing or ‘warm glass’. The technique is essentially layering the glass to be fired, using each colour overlay to create depth and texture before firing to temperatures sometimes over 800°c. Many other elements such as metal oxides, can also be used, to produce bubbles for example. Each firing normally takes 24 hours with some pieces requiring 2 or even 3 firings.