Sandy Parle:Crafter

Axminster, Devon

“Life is one long experiment with regard to creating a small unique piece of art in whichever medium feeds the soul at the time.”

Sandy learned to knit and crochet at a very early age and always has 'something on the go'. However this was recently extended into using wire instead of wool and Sandy has not looked back. Her bracelets use around 100 beads each and Sandy really enjoys mixing and matching the many beads and semi-precious stones with the coloured wires ensuring that no two bracelets are the same.

Having worked in the print and graphic industries for most of her adult life, Sandy started producing hand made cards when her job moved from the drawing board to a computer and is constantly producing total original mini artworks. Sandy draws her inspiration from nature incorporating her love of flowers and birds in to many of her designs.

Realising her passion for paper Sandy achieved a City & Guilds in 'Papercrafts' where she also discovered, amongst other things, how to make Silk paper and it was this which really caught her imagination and pushed Sandy to explore this medium further. The results are shown in her Silk Paper Bowls which have been widely exhibited.