Peter Neumann: Candle Maker (Touchfire candles)

Totnes, Devon

25 Years of professional candle making experience

Starting in 1983 Peter Neumann, first in a caravan in the hills of North Devon, and then in West Wales, found he could put essential oils in layered scented candles. The fine oils that he was blending in incense were not as persistent as synthetic candle making fragrances, subtle yet pure, and he was excited by the possibilities of a change in the essential oil perfume as the candle burnt through different layers....

In 1999 he came to Devon to be both a herbalist and a specialist candle and incense maker. He gained his membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 2002, although he is still very much involved with designing and creating candles.

The Candles and Incenses here represent a body of devoted colour design and aromatherapy oil blending work that has in it's roots a celebration of the gifts of nature. So just like a jeweller will take different materials and nature's stones to make a piece of jewelry, so does Peter consider colour and scent to be nature's jewels, and he similarly "alchemically" fashions them to be the finest expession of these materials.