Lynda Pickles: Textiles

Bridport, Dorset

I’m a retired Primary teacher, originally from Hertfordshire and now living in Axminster.

Years of assisting children to fulfil their ideas into reality has helped me to look at everyday objects and to use them in new ways. I experiment with jewellery, driftwood sculptures, card making and exploring the world of rag rugging.

The study of art and art history at school and college inspired a lifetime’s interest in artists and their use of colour and pattern. This has helped me formulate and execute my own ideas.

My work is directed by the material on hand. I love to recycle pieces from the beach, discovered in charity and junk shops, lying in the sewing box and donated by family and friends.

Finding the potential and beauty of a piece and placing it in a new dimension is an enjoyable process. Prolonging it’s usefulness and seeing someone gain pleasure using it in it’s new guise is personally satisfying.