Eddie Burrows: Artist

Beer, Devon

As a structural engineer earning a living as a skipper on a sail training yacht, Eddie has cultivated an accurate eye for a line. Coupled with his intimate knowledge of boats, their construction, the weather and the sea, marine art is a natural progression of his creativity.
Knowledge and skill are important elements in a painting, but it is that indefinable something that the individual artist imparts to a painting that makes it a good painting, rather than just an average one. That something is the nature of the artist coming through.
Eddie’s ability to successfully combine his knowledge, with an obvious love of painting, creates very popular renditions of marine art. His gentle use of colour is particularly attractive and often evokes a sense of tranquillity and an atmosphere of maritime tradition.
Painting “en plein air” in all weather conditions, has allowed Eddie to express the ever changing nature of this environment and his enthusiastic character adds a unique depth of feeling to his work.
His most recent series of paintings, compiled over a six-week period on his boat in Cornwall, capture the beauty of the South Coast, its harbours and its estuaries.