Anne Woodgate: Acrylic Paint and Embroidery

Plymouth, Devon

Anne Woodgate is a textile artist and produces a range of exquisite hand sewn embroideries, using gardens and local countryside scenes as her subjects. With a love of flowers growing in gardens and along our waysides, Anne tries to capture the beauty of flowering plants in her stitch work.

Anne’s unique style is something she has developed herself and has proved to be very popular, using a mix of both traditional and modern embroidery techniques in her work.
Only the finest quality threads and hand dyed pure silk ribbons are used. The embroideries are worked on calico or linen that has been stretched over a wooden frame. Background images are painted using acrylics and then the work is painstakingly stitched by hand, each piece taking many hours to complete.

Finished works are then re-stretched and framed using conservation quality mounting and framing materials that enhances the sewn image and will stand the test of time.