Lisa Lyman: Artist and Apple Tree Galleries Proprietor


I spent my childhood in England always being creative drawing, painting, designing, sewing, knitting, making things out of nothing. Choosing a more secure career path, I became a legal PA in Scotland and used my creativity displaying words on paper.  After travelling around Italy, and meeting Obray, I moved to America with him where the secretarial work became designing marketing materials. 

We moved here to the South West, home of my ancestors, in 2005 and cannot help but be inspired by the Devon countryside.  Living on a farm near Axminster, I am totally immersed in nature. The coast is just a few minutes away and offers me a complete natural contrast when needed.

I’m influenced by the splatterings of Jackson Pollock, the subtleties of the Impressionists and inspired by the colours of Somerset’s Moish Sokal and the techniques of Gloucestershire’s Ann Blockley. I like artwork to be uplifting, bright, colourful and cheerful, the silver lining on a cloudy day! 

Being both creative and artistic, the two often become blended together. When I’m not working on artwork I’m designing and creating: stained glass panels and kites; jewellery; knitting designer scarves or making handmade cards. With so much creative energy behind such a mixture of skills, I usually have several projects on the go and many ideas for future ones!